Pivot Security LLC

Welcome to Pivot Security LLC, a seasoned provider of integrated security services across the
globe for more than a decade. Throughout our journey, we have collaborated with governments,
militaries, defense industries, municipalities, major corporations, and various institutions,
effectively safeguarding their interests and fostering peace of mind.
Over the years, we have successfully executed missions in over 40 countries, demonstrating
our versatility in operating on land, sea, and air. Our reputation as agents of change is
acknowledged and respected by leaders in both government and industry. We take pride in our
ability to bring stability to even the most volatile regions around the world.
At Pivot Consulting, our commitment to excellence and reliability has positioned us as a trusted
partner in security solutions. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of nations or safeguarding private
enterprises, we stand ready to meet diverse challenges with a proactive and innovative
Join us in building a safer, more secure future.

Projects Around the World