A National Maritime Project

Project Goal: To secure an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and to train 350 soldiers
Client: Navy and Army Location: Africa

The Challenge

The country suffers from a high level of criminal maritime incidents: smuggling operations, AIS tampering, STS operations, piracy, and illegal fishing. The country lost tens of millions of dollars each year because of these incidents.

Project Description

The 8-month project included training of various professions and skills. The soldiers learned how to operate newly purchased special mission vessels, special mission aircrafts, military speed boats (interceptors), helicopters, UAVs, operational vehicles and a C4I operations center equipped with intelligence systems.

The unit also learned how to inspect vessels, how to reply to various threat scenarios (criminal or terror), how to slide from helicopters, how to breach doors and how to give advanced medical treatment to casualties. Furthermore, special emphasis was put on the commanders of the force, providing them the tools to command maritime and land-based teams.

The training was concluded with summarizing drills that included all of the above.