Continent: South America

  • Energy

    Security Consulting for Financial institution

    Project Goal: provide board of director with a security over view
    Client: Global financial establishment Location: French
    Pivot Team: 5 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Energy

    Risk Assessment For Energy Installations

    Project Goal: To conduct risk assessment of 60 installations
    Client: Governmental Energy Company Location: South America
    Pivot Team: 3 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Hospitality

    Security Management For Hotel Chain

    Project Goal: To establish a pro-active security array for 6 very large resorts
    Client: Hotel Chain Location: Latin America

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  • HLS

    Upgrading An Elite Police Unit

    Project Goal: To upgrade an elite police unit and to train 200 officers to combat severe crime
    Client: Police Location: South America

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