Pivot stands as a trusted partner to governments and their defense and security establishments
worldwide. Our pride lies in offering unparalleled services to governments grappling with crime
and terror challenges.
Governments place their trust in Pivot, seeking the most up-to-date and pragmatic solutions to
confront the complexities of modern security threats.
As a licensed exporter of security and training services, our projects undergo rigorous vetting
by our government. To ensure utmost accountability, all end users must be approved by the
Israeli Ministry of Defense before availing our services.
At Pivot, we embrace a commitment to excellence and hold ourselves to the highest standards
of professionalism and integrity. With our steadfast dedication to empowering governments
with cutting-edge security solutions, we continue to foster a safer and more secure global

Some of the establishments we are working with:

  • Armies
  • Navies
  • Air Forces
  • Defense Industries

Offered Services:

  • Assessment of capabilities
  • Consulting services
  • Establishment of units
  • Training in various fields
  • Writing of training manuals
  • Procurement of equipment and technology
  • Logistic services
  • Physical security services
  • On-Job Training
  • Operational supervision

Defense Case Study

  • Consulting For Upgrade A Swat Unit

    Project Goal: To consult the police force to upgrade an existing SWAT unit
    Client: Police Location: Asia
    Pivot Team: 5 specialists were involved in the project

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