Education Security

At Pivot, we’ve got one clear mission: to protect America’s school children with a firm, yet
caring approach. Our children are the most precious things in our lives, and we take that
responsibility very seriously.
Our security team is experienced, professional, and committed to ensuring the safety of every
child. We understand that life can be challenging, and that’s why we’re here to create a secure
environment where our kids can grow and learn without unnecessary worries.
While we can’t eliminate all the obstacles out there, we’ll do everything in our power to keep our
children safe and sound. Our approach is to be thorough, diligent, and always prepared to
tackle any situation that arises.
At Pivot, we believe in strong values, which means doing what’s right and making the hard
decisions when needed. We work closely with schools and parents, fostering a collaborative
effort to provide the secure environment our children deserve.
So, if you’re looking for a security team that will prioritize the well-being of our future
generation, look no further. Pivot is here, ready to lend a helping hand with a mix of firmness
and care. Together, let’s create a safer and happier environment for our children to flourish and
reach their full potential.

Parents, teachers, staff and leadership are deeply worried. And for good reason. Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, there have been more than 187,000 students impacted by a school shooting. In 2018, sadly, there has been an average of one school shooting per week.

These staggering statistics instill fear in parents and children alike. We have failed our children if we do nothing and wait for the problems to come to our doors. The schools, the victims, the families that have been forced to go through this across America will never be the same.

At Pivot, we’re about solutions and making our schools for all ages more secure from a variety of threats.

We seek to bring peace of mind to parents, who can have confidence that effective security measures are in place so their children can focus on learning. From the construction plans for a new school to staff training on a 50-year-old campus, Pivot will make your community safer.

We provide risk assessment and security training to some of the largest school districts in Colorado. We work collaboratively with school district leadership and parents on sensible, credible changes that go to the heart of the challenge. We will provide the expertise of some of the world’s foremost security experts to deter challenges before they become a true danger. And when danger does arrive, we will train each district to be ready to confront the problem.

Through a comprehensive assessment process that calculates potential risk and reasonable solutions, we can provide school district administrators and security managers effective plans to reduce risk and respond before events escalate to active shooting threats or other violence. Pivot works hand-in-hand with community partners like law enforcement and school security details to ensure all facets of response are coordinated and carried out according to protocols. In the end, it is about protecting people. We are equipped to provide the consulting, training, tools, measurement and systems for higher levels of safety in your school system.

The Pivot team has worked with school districts across Colorado and multiple educational institutions in Europe and Israel, to assess their programs and to develop solutions that will have positive, lasting impact.

Assessments and training already carried out include:

  • Secure designs of new buildings to optimize safety, comfort and learning.
  • Facility reviews and threat assessment for existing campuses, emphasizing protocol, training and smart use of available technology.
  • Training in warning signs, abnormal behavior, changes in attitude, social media use that can signal a potential threat.
  • Practice of security personnel questioning of students or visitors behaving unusually, from intelligence experts with decades of experience in deterring threats.
  • Staff training in protocols, communication priorities, daily tasks, alertness, review, collaboration with all student-contact authorities.
  • Planning for tactical responses when called for, including mass population security, equipment, communication and arms training. Agilus personnel have trained in the most elite active shooter protocols available in the security field.
  • Establishment of routine communications and collaboration with campus-wide security personnel and school executives, behavioral staff, local law enforcement and social media experts.
  • Emphasis on deterrence and prevention, long before confrontational episodes ever occur.
  • Pivot specialize on structuring and consulting security manpower optimization from an H.R lens, to improve manpower utilization and financial efficiency

Education Security Case Study

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