Forensic Cyber

In our dedicated team of cyber experts, you’ll find a group of passionate professionals who
humbly specialize in various domains. We have cyber-defense and cyber-attack specialists,
network security experts, and skilled forensic investigators.
Moreover, we take pride in our instructors, who generously share their knowledge in areas like
hacking, security awareness, penetration testing, CISO practices, information security, and
With their humility and expertise, our cyber experts are committed to providing top-notch
solutions, securing your digital assets with unwavering dedication. Count on us to fortify your
defenses and protect your digital realm with the utmost care and professionalism.


Our Cyber Services Include:

  1. Information Security Survey
  2. Cyber Penetration Testing
  3. Information Security Courses
  4. Forensic Investigations / Expert Witness
  5. Network Monitoring Services
  6. Research / Intelligence

Procedure Oriented Interviews of Upper Management

Understand the policies and procedures for every major department in the company including HR, IT, finance, marketing, business development, and others.

Forensic Investigation

Network devices, servers, personal computers.

Network Monitoring/Penetration

Deployment of network sensors to monitor the internal network for a malicious traffic.

Risk Assessment

Where is the organization weak from the information security point of view? What are the vulnerabilities that a cyber-criminal or hacker can take advantage of? Are you susceptible to social engineering attacks, web-based attacks, etc. Do the third-party software and service providers you work with address information security related issues? What regulations are required for your business?

Identification of Security Gaps

We review and probe firewall rules, active directory GPO, servers, backup routines, anti-virus auditing, network services, vulnerable services/web applications, security testing report auditing, weak procedures which allow security gaps and breaches, how is data shared in the work environment, e-mail encryption and more.

Forensic Cyber Case Study

  • Forensic cyber security service for educational institution

    Project Goal: Cyber and IT Assessment for a large educational institutions
    Client: School District Location: United States

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