Introducing Pivot’s Security Assessment: Preventing Crime and Terror, Elevating
At Pivot, we believe in proactive security measures that stop crime and terror before they even
have a chance to start. Our paramount goal is to maintain the highest standards of security
professionalism and ensure uninterrupted operational continuity.
With a “No drama” philosophy at the core, we approach security maintenance with a focus on
efficiency and effectiveness. Our expertise and methods are deeply ingrained in our company
ethos and culture, evident in every project and assignment we undertake.
During the Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessment, we meticulously identify threats and
vulnerabilities within our client’s operational environment. These findings enable us to analyze
risks and propose strategic countermeasures. The results are seamlessly integrated into a
comprehensive Master Security Plan, providing a blueprint for a robust and tailored security
With Pivot, you gain more than just security expertise; you gain peace of mind knowing that
your safety and protection are entrusted to a team that anticipates, prevents, and secures with
precision. Experience the pinnacle of security solutions with Pivot.


  • Current threats of crime, attack or terrorism, and the likelihood of such threats transforming into a real event
  • Current crime level, as well as other security threats
  • Existing conditions including access control, staff, training, closed-circuit TV systems, etc.
  • Competence of the existing security team, status of the command and control center and overall security state-of-mind
  • Existing technologies in use by the security team and their effectiveness in helping counter the threats as analyzed in the assessment
  • Manpower effectiveness and optimization in reference to the task they are handling

Vulnerability Case Study

  • Risk Assessment For Energy Installations

    Project Goal: To conduct risk assessment of 60 installations
    Client: Governmental Energy Company Location: South America
    Pivot Team: 3 specialists were involved in the project.

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