Agilus has extensive experience training elite forces in tactical medical response, as well as providing medical emergency planning for high net-worth individuals on personal trips, and risk assessment in other potential medical emergencies.

Agilus provided tactical medical training to the following units of the Israeli Military Special Forces and Police Special Forces:

  • Sayeret Matkal – Deep reconnaissance unit
  • Shaldag – Air Force Commando Unit
  • Duvdevan – An elite unit specializing in urban environment control
  • Yamam – Israeli SWAT

Agilus has also provided training and medical equipment for the most sensitive oil and gas rigs in the offshore world, in the Israeli Mediterranean

  • Establishment of full medical material array, personnel and training
  • Medical risk assessment
  • Instruction by Special Forces paramedics trained in combat and other security operations

Agilus also conducts tactical medicine training seminars around the world, including a Mass Casualty Event session for European military physicians.