Agilus conducts security and defense training courses around the world, with highly-trained personnel from across the leading defense forces.

In Nigeria, Agilus provided:

  • Training for personnel protecting Air Force bases & airports
  • Special Forces courses for 450
  • Additional security courses for 100 operatives
  • Train the Trainer courses for 30 instructors
  • Security awareness courses
  • VIP protection courses

In India, Agilus provided training to a riot control unit, including:

  • Expert training by Israeli operatives with deep training in riot procedures
  • Crowd control
  • Non-lethal weapons methods & use
  • Optimal & safe arrest tactics
  • Hand-to-hand combat & self-defense
  • Legal issues in riot control scenarios

In South America, Agilus provided consultation services to a national police force with approximately 100,000 personnel, in the following areas:

  • Training of 200 operatives in a special unit
  • Upgrade of the police academy
  • Upgrade of SWAT unit
  • Upgrade of Riot Control unit
  • Upgrade of Special Patrol unit
  • Creating ongoing training procedures & methods